Qimen Dunjia Introduction

Qimen Dunjia or „the mystical gates and the hidden shields“ – the strategy system of the Chinese emperors

Together with the Chinese numerologies Liuren – “the six yang waters” – and Taiyi – “the utmost unity” – the system of Qimen Dunjia constitutes the so-called three patterns (san shi) of traditional Chinese numerology.

IATCA® will present in these pages the most essential ones of the concepts and techniques of Qimen Dunjia and continuously will publish updates to them.

It was especially Qimen Dunjia that was used in imperial China as a military strategic instrument. It was considered as the “system that makes emperors”.

In simple words, the complex theories of Qimen Dunjia are based on the idea that in the space-time-continuum there are holes (called the “mystical gates”) and obstacles (called “the “hidden shields”) the knowledge of which confers strategic advantages.

Therefore Qimen Dunjia is applied in conflicts and far-reaching strategic planning.

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Modern Applications of Qimen Dunjia

The most frequent application of Qimen Dunjia presupposes a conflict of at least two parties.

The mastering of threatening conflicts:

With Qimen Dunjia corporate strategies are contemplated, such as the optimal way of action for the introduction of a product, or the market behavior of a company in relation to the competitors. A particular form of Qimen Dunjia is exclusively concerned with defence strategies in the market behavior of competing companies.

Investment planning:

With Qimen Dunjia the efficiency and probability of success in speculative business ventures is calculated. Professional users do not carry out stock market investitions or sales without consultation of the Qimen Dunjia system.

Career planning:

With Qimen Dunjia the individual way of action in career planning is discussed.

Time schedule design:

Qimen Dunjia is also used as a system for the fixing of suitable dates and times.