The IATCA® (International Academy for Traditional Chinese Astrology) was founded by Manfred Kubny, Ph.D. University Munich, Germany 1994, in January 2003 as an independent company. The company is located in Berlin, Germany.

IATCA® is the know-how provider for the theory and practice of the Traditional Chinese Sciences, in particular for the traditional Chinese prognostic and anthropological sciences.

More precisely, IATCA® continually makes accessible classical and modern Chinese professional texts from the following fields of knowledge:

However, by virtue of the person of its founder, the sinologist Manfred Kubny, Ph.D., who has authored fundamental scientific works on these topics, IATCA® is also competent in the fields of Taiji Quan (Chinese shadow boxing), Qigong (Chinese techniques of longevity, literally “exercises with Qi”), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). IATCA® entertains close contacts with important Chinese experts in these techniques in the People’s Republic of China and in Taiwan (Republic of China).

IATCA® keeps track of the current work in the translation and analysis of Chinese primary and secondary sources in the above-mentioned subjects in Western languages, in order to place them at the disposal of the Western public in the form of books, software, or training seminars.

It is the philosophy of IATCA® to transfer the Chinese know-how contents as unadulterated and as close to the meaning of the Chinese original sources as possible. IATCA® strives to create a language for the Traditional Chinese Sciences which on the one hand is understandable to the Western reader, but on the other hand is also distinguished by professional quality and cultural authenticity.

IATCA® regularly publishes the Chinese know-how contents that have been made accessible and offers training courses in these topics.

IATCA® also offers a comprehensive consulting service on the basis of the knowledge that has been made accessible, following the quality criteria of the classical and modern textbook standards of important Chinese master experts.