IATCA Education

Die IATCA® bietet einen umfangreichen Service, Ausbildungen und Seminare und Studien in folgenden Fachbereichen an:

Traditionelle Chinese Astrology:
Bazi Suanming® The Lifecalculation by the Eight Characters (also known as: "Four Pillars of Destiny")

Complete Education “Bazi Suanming® Counsellor of the IATCA®”
In-Service Training Courses
Supervision Courses
Development of Stuff and Human Resource Management
Individual Consulting

Qimen Dunjia:
Chinese Technique of Strategy: "The Mystic Gates and the Hidden Shield"

Complete Education “Qimen Dunjia Counsellor of the IATCA®”
Individual Consulting

Feng Shui:
Special Topics on Fengshui (only by request)

Scientific Project Support:
Elaboration of special opics on traditional Chinese lifesciences and development of projects

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