IATCA Scientific Project Support

IATCA® continuously studies and investigates original Chinese texts of the Traditional Chinese Sciences and makes the knowledge contained in them accessible to the Western public. This task necessitates a considerable expenditure of time and capital. For this reason, IATCA® desires to see the acquired knowledge protected as its property.

However, from its self-understanding IATCA® is of course very much interested in the dissemination of the knowledge it has acquired in the Traditional Chinese Sciences – which is quite compatible with the maintenance of the international copyright.

If you intend to set up a project in the field of the Traditional Chinese Sciences, like to realize a publication, or are active in any other way where you depend on serious and well-founded information from this field, then please contact us.

IATCA® has an excellently trained sinological staff at its disposal, and will readily provide a serious scientific touch to your project, or endow it with information that normally would not be at your disposal due to the great cultural gap between the West and China.

Planning, scheduling, and the fixation of fees are not possible before full definition of the project by the customer, and vary according to the volume, duration, and degree of difficulty of the desired contents.

Take advantage of our intercultural possibilities between China and the West and let us know about your project. IATCA® can provide specific contents of the Traditional Chinese Sciences tailored to your individual needs, and also carries out feasibility studies.